Saturday, March 5, 2011


The foxiest bitch in town is making me a banner for the blog so expect that in the near future! In the mean time I have a brand new complete set up and it's raining... Why is it every time I'm pumped to skate it's either snowing or raining outside? I guess it's an east coast thing... Anywho, in remembrance of the greatest rapper to ever and will ever enter the realms of rhymes I'm posting some Notorious B.I.G. up!

Now that I'm thinking of greats who have passed I'll throw some other legendary geniuses up as well...
In no particular order...
#1. Janis Joplin I think was the saddest to see go... She ended up drinking her life away convinced she was hideous, but to me, and I can promise many others, she was beautiful both inside and out. I don't know anybody who could say they don't miss and love Janis Joplin. She was soooo fuckin groovy.

#2. Kurt Cobain Their are many different conspiracy theories whether or not Kurt was murdered or commit suicide. Either way he was a very sad person and you could see it in his eyes within every photograph. I once heard a story that Kurt Cobain slept under bridges and in the hospital waiting room where he was born in, instead of his enormous overpriced mansion. This always made me think how much character that shows and how sad he must of been. Kurt didn't kill himself, the world did...

#3. Jimi Hendrix was the greatest guitar player of all time. This is arguable, but he was for sure the greatest of his time. And you know what, his time was greatest for music, so he is the greatest...He died at age 27 like the others and if he was still around to live up to Jeff Beck's age he would surely show him and everybody else up- and he would do it with style! Jimi Hendrix was the foxiest, grooviest, funkiest, flyest musician ever!

Goodbye and goodnight Biggie, Janis, Kurt and Jimi. You've given us all something truly beautiful and special. That's why musicians now a days come with fads but you guys haven't and never will be forgotten or neglected. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011


Papa Sean and fellow friends have a new clip up over at Stimulus... Might be my favorite clip from them to date- Sean and Joey have been killing it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins- Today

I've spent most of my time on this blog either posting skate videos of people I barely know, or posting videos of Bob Dylan and anyone he was affiliated with- but today I'm going to make a very long and overdue post to the Greatest band of all time. This band has raised and shaped my entire life. To be honest without them I'd probably be living a completely different life or I would have given up and fell asleep forever. Growing up it becomes harder and harder to think about childhood, or to even believe it ever actually happened. Every time I listen to any song about them it all comes back to me and everything is alright… Even if it is only for a moment, I feel safe and I get that warm feeling in my heart, like the one right when some one convinces you to stop crying and gets you to even laugh a little. The band of life I'm talking about would be The Smashing Pumpkins. Without them I'm nothing! By the way I'm not talking about this "new band" of look a-likes Billy Corgan has started up calling themselves "The Smashing Pumpkins." Without all the original members you are not the band.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I Kick It?

The prettiest girl in the whole wide world and the only person who views my blog showed me this song.